4th : this week

Today i could not go to a dentist’s office because i woke up late but i read the vocabulary with my cell phone and finished oxford book worms “New Yorkers”

I think this week i can not go to the gym , my work at the dentist’s office should end this week.


3rd : books + Update

I writing here the names of the books that i have read from february 3 , 2018 to february 3 , 2019.

1. Oxford bookworms 2 “New Yorkers” _ february 3 , 2018

2. Oxford bookworms 2 “Robinson Crusoe” _ february 4 , 2018


2nd : pull my teeth

Tonight i promise myself to read book every day. Here i feel more comfortable because my family can not find and read this blog. I write about my days and my months of my life and i like to write my believes and other things too. I like reading books and watching movies and exercising so much and i want to learn English with these activities.

All right tomorrow morning i go to a dentist’s office to fill and pull my teeth ; i’ll go back tomorrow and write again what happened.